Technical Tour: Bolzano Waste-to-Energy plant

Chair: Prof. Marco Ragazzi, University of Trento (IT)
Guest: Dr. Marco Palmitano, General Manager of Eco-center

The Bolzano waste to energy incineration plant can treat 130,000 tonnes/year of municipal solid waste. The plant recovers the heat produced by the combustion of waste by converting it into steam and by means of this produces thermal and electrical energy. The plant has a total area size of 25000 m2, a nominal thermal and electric power of 59 MW and 15 MW, respectively, and a maximum heat output recovery of 32 MW. The calorific value of the treat waste, which is about 13 MJ/kg, allows the production of about 95,000 MWh/year of electrical energy and 240,000 MWh/year of thermal energy. Most of the electricity produced is sold to the national grid, while only a minimal amount is used for plant services. The steam that is not converted into electricity is supplied as thermal energy into the district heating network of the city of Bolzano. The ferrous metals present in the slag are recovered and recycled (2,000 t/year), while the 15,000 t/year of heavy ash, light ash, slag are destined for recovery plants in Italy and abroad.

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