Technical tours

On Wednesday 23rd May two alternative guided technical tours have been arranged at the following plants:

  • Montello Spa, approximately 15 km from Bergamo, a real scale plant leader in sorting, recovery and recycling of post-consumer plastic packaging as well as the treatment, recovery and recycling of organic waste. At the moment, the factory in Montello (BG) recycles 200,000 tons a year of post-consumer plastic packaging from which new products are obtained, and 600,000 tons a year of OFMSW Organic Fraction deriving from the separate collection from which biogas is obtained, used to produce both electric and thermal energy and biomethane, at the same time recovering CO2 carbon dioxide for industrial technical use and producing a high quality organic fertilizer. [read more]

  • Viscolube, a re-refining facility located approximately 70 km from Bergamo.
    Viscolube Group is active in used lubricant oil regeneration to produce high quality regenerated base oil, group I+ and II+, and in industrial waste solvent recovery & valorization.  It is  alsothe Italian main player specialized in the industrial hazardous and non hazardous waste collection and treatment.
    Viscolube has two re-refining facilities, one in Pieve Fissiraga (Lodi) – at about 70km from Bergamo – and one in Ceccano (Frosinone) and produces re-refined base oils that make about 30%of the Italian lubricant market.
    Viscolube re-refines used oils through the Revivoil process, developed and patented by Viscolube in collaboration with one of the world’s leading company in the development of refining processes. The Revivoil process involves high-pressure hydrogen treatment to produce oils low in Sulphur and saturated elements and with a reduced content of aromatic compounds. This process consists of three stages: preflash, thermal deasphalting and hydrofinishing.
    Re-refining waste oil means to undergo complex chemical-physical processes to eliminate its dangerousness while restoring the properties of the original raw material. Viscolube excellence stems from the know-how built up over decades of dedicated work, combining operating and plant-engineering with the results of a highly-intensive R&D activity. [read more]

Coaches provided by the organizers will leave from the Symposium venue at 9.00 am and will return at approximately 1.30 pm. 

Places are limited and will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Participants wishing to book a place on the technical tour should email the Organising Secretariat at as soon as possible.