SUM 2014

The Symposium on Urban Mining SUM2014, organised by the IWWG jointly with the Regional Government of the Lombardia Region (Italy), was held in the Old Monastery of Saint Augustine, Bergamo, Italy from May 19 to 21, 2014.
The event was attended approximately by 250 participants (researchers, technicians, administrators and operators) from 45 different nations with the presentation of 120 scientific papers selected among over 200 submitted proposals. The Symposium was developed in three days and included three parallel oral sessions, a poster session and a technical visit to the recycling plant of Montello (Bergamo, Italy).
The opening lecture of SUM 2014 was given by Jonas Nedenskov (Environmental manager at Amareg Resource Center, Copenaghen, Denmark), who presented a comprehensive overview on critical resources in industrial and municipal solid waste. A special focus was put on incineration and how it might be possible in the near future to recover metals from bottom ashes.