• Alessandra Bonoli

    Alessandra Bonoli is Associate Professor in Raw Material Engineering and in Resources and Recycling at the Department of Civil, Chemical, Environment and Materials Engineering (DICAM), School of Engineering and Architecture, University of Bologna. She created in 2012 the Department Research Center for international COoperation and Development on Engineering, Environment and Emergency (CODE^3) for the international cooperation in Environmental Engineering. She coordinates a new research group of “Engineering of Transition” that is developing researches oriented to building a sustainable world, from the point of view of environmental, social and economic, by saving and valorizing natural resources: raw materials, water and energy. Her research themes are mainly related with raw material processing, solid waste recycling,  water supply, waste water treatment, Life Cycle Assessment.

  • Raffaello Cossu

    Full Professor of Solid Waste Management, he has retired since September 2018 from the University of Padova where he led the Research Center of Environmental Engineering. Former President of the School of Environmental and Engineering at the same University from 2000 to 2013. From 2009 to 2017 he was Editor in Chief of Waste Management, the IWWG international scientific journal on waste management published by Elsevier. Since 2018 he is Editor in Chief of DETRITUS - Journal for Waste Resources and Residues, published by CISA Publisher. He was President of IWWG (International Waste Working Group) from 2004 until 2009, and currently is a member, of the Managing Board of the same Association. In 2017 he was recipient of the prestigious "A Life for Waste" Award. He has given a series of talks and presentations in conferences on Waste Management and landfilling throughout the world. He is author of more than 150 scientific papers and five international books on waste management, published by Academic Press, Elsevier, EF and Spon. 

  • Fabio Fava

    Fabio Fava (1963) is Full Professor of “Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology” at the University of Bologna (Italy) since 2005. He has more than 140 papers on peer-reviewed medium/high IF international journals in the field of Bioeconomy where he coordinated the FP7 projects NAMASTE and BIOCLEAN and participated in 7 other FP7 collaborative projects. He is the Italian Representative in the Working Party on “Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Converging Technologies" at OECD (Paris) and at the European Commission (Brussels) in the: a) Horizon2020 Programming Committee “Bioeconomy” (SC2, DG RTD), b) “States Representatives Group” of the “Public Private Partnership BioBased Industry” (BBI JU), c) the "Expert Group on biobased products" (DG GROW), and d) BLUEMED initiative (Eu Med GSO; DG RTD)Finally, he is the scientific coordinator of the International Exhibition on Green and Circular Economy ECOMONDO (Rimini, Italy).    

  • Maria Cristina Lavagnolo - Scientific Secretary

    PhD in Environmental Engineering. Associate Professor at the University of Padova, Department of Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering (DICEA), teaching on "Environmental Sanitary Engineering" and "Circular and Sustainable Waste Managament, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban (South Africa). She worked on various research projects on the treatment and reuse of waste water, on the management of solid waste and on the recovery of resources from waste but particularly on the appropriate technologies for waste and water treatment in developing countries. Member of the IWWG SAP-Scientific Advisory Panel. Managing editor of "Developing Countries Column" for the international journal Detritus. Member of the International Editorial Board of the JEE Journal of Ecological Engineering (Pl).