Programme Committee

  • Raffaello Cossu

    Raffaello Cossu is Full Professor of Solid Waste Management at the University of Padova. He was Dean of the Faculty of Environmental and Land Planning Engineering at the same University from 2000 to 2013. He is currently the Editor in chief of Waste Management, the international scientific journal on waste management edited by Elsevier, Amsterdam. Past President and currently a member of the Managing Board of the IWWG (International Waste Working Group), the main international scientific association in the field of waste management. He has delivered presentations in over 50 seminars and 100 congresses on waste management and controlled landfills worldwide. He is author of over 150 scientific papers and five international books on waste management, printed by leading publishing houses (Academic Press, Elsevier, EF and Spon).

  • Maria Cristina Lavagnolo - Scientific Secretary

    Assistant Professor at the University of Padova since July 2002. She teaches ‘Environmental Sanitary Engineering’ and ‘Waste Management in Developing Countries’ modules. She has cooperated in several research projects on wastewater treatments, leachate treatments on disposal and integrated management of solid wastes. In the last few years she has been mainly involved in a project regarding the decentralization of urban wastewater treatment plants and integrated solid-liquid management: wastewater reuse; phytodepuration of grey water and urine; anaerobic digestion of the solid waste organic fraction and brown water; hydrogen production from different organic wastes; phytodepuration by energy crops. Specifically involved in several solid waste and water management projects in Africa, she is the director of a Master on ‘Integrated management of water resources and environmental sanitation’ sponsored by the European Community and vice-director of the Master on ‘Technologies for the sustainable and intercultural management of wastes in African Countries’ held in Cameroun, at the ENSTP.

  • Dongbei Yue

    Dongbei Yue is an Associate Professor and the Vice Dean of the School of Environment at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, and the Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of Solid Waste Management and Environment Safety (Tsinghua University), Ministry of Education of China. He received a BS in Civil Engineering and a Ph.D in Radiation and Environmental Protection from the Tsinghua University. His research areas include waste management, sustainable landfilling, organic waste humification, and leachate treatment. Dr. Yue is the author of over 60 peer-reviewed publications and has made over 40 presentations at conferences throughout the world. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Division of Leachate Treatment of the China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation. He is an Editorial Board Member of Waste Management Journal and the Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology, and an Advisory Board Member of the International Waste Management & Landfill Symposia (Sardinia Symposia).