Oral and poster instructions

All authors presenting their work in an oral session are required to prepare a PowerPoint presentation of their paper, to be emailed to the Symposium Organising Secretariat at papers@urbanmining.it no later than 7th May 2018.
Presentations should last about 15 minutes. During the presentation company advertising should be avoided. Presence of authors’ affiliations or company logos should be very discreet.
On site, speakers should contact the chairman 15 minutes before the beginning of the session in which their paper is to be presented. The chairman will be available in the conference hall where the session is to take place. Speakers should be present at the conference table from the beginning of the session and remain for the entire duration. If your allotted time runs out during your presentation, do not under any circumstances hurry to finish the entire presentation but go straight to the conclusions. To this regard, it may be of use to prepare a slide illustrating the conclusions in a synthesized version.
A member of staff will be on hand at the speakers’ desk for all requirements and a PC will be available for final checks, with priority given in line with session timetable.

Posters should be mounted by authors before the start of Symposium sessions in the morning of Monday 21st May and removed after the end of sessions in the afternoon of Tuesday 22nd May.
Suggested dimensions for posters are 84,1 cm width x 118,9 cm height (ISO A0 format). Posters should be prepared using heavy-duty resistant paper and preferably be laminated. Drawing pins and the necessary fixing materials will be provided by the organizers.
Posters should be written in English using large letters as they should be legible from a distance of at least one meter. Under no circumstances may posters contain any kind of advertising or commercial propaganda.
On site, each poster panel will bear a number, which will correspond to the official number assigned to posters in the Symposium programme.
The Staff at the registration desk will be pleased to provide assistance to poster presenters in case of need.