Networking Sessions

NetWorking Sessions (NeWs) aims to promote open discussion of new ideas and perspectives on a specific topic, policy, research or innovation between conference delegates. Those wishing to organize a networking session, may submit a proposal by January 31st. For more details please visit
A list and description of already accepted proposals may be found below.

  • Management and recovery of digestate from anaerobic digestion
    Coordinated by: Alberto Pivato, University of Padua (IT)
    Invited speakers: Andrea Schievano, University of Milan (IT); Tiziano Bonato, SESA (IT)

    The session is aimed at investigating the most sustainable techniques in order to valorize digestates from anaerobic digestion of both agro-industrial substrates and organic fraction of municipal solid waste. In particular, the land application of digestate as “organic fertilizer” and its potential role as substitute for marketable inorganic fertilizers, despite the origin of input substrates (waste or by-products) will be discussed.
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  • Opportunity for increasing the anaerobic digestion of bio-waste in the perspective of the circular economy
    Coordinated by: Francesco di Maria, University of Perugia (IT); Maria Cristina Lavagnolo, University of Padova (IT)
    The EC indicated the anaerobic digestion (AD) as the most suitable process for the implementation of the circular economy in the treatment of the bio-waste. By the way, for several reasons, its implementation in this sector still remain quite limited. Nowadays the approaching to the end of the economic support period for many existing AD facilities exploiting biomasses could represent an important opportunity for increasing the use of AD in the bio-waste sector.
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  • Material reuse and education
    Coordinated by: Ian D. Williams & Peter Shaw, University of Southampton (GB)
    There are many benefits when we reuse items – political, commercial, social, environmental and economic. But even though reuse is a highly preferred process within the waste hierarchy, barriers and questions remain. Reuse is dependent on goods being collected and made available to the next user; sufficiently high quality and durable goods need to be put onto the primary market initially.
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  • La tariffa puntuale: Strumento per lo sviluppo della Circular Economy - Italian session
    Coordinato da: Giovanni Montresori, Labelab (IT)
    La sessione affronterà il quadro legislativo e regolamentare, le modalità applicative, le nuove modalità di raccolta e misurazione dei servizi. In particolare verranno discussi i seguenti argomenti:
    ● Il nuovo regolamento Ministeriale per la misurazione puntuale dei rifiuti: l’evoluzione del concetto PAYT dagli indirizzi europei alle legislazioni regionali
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  • Waste Architecture e gestione sostenibile dei rifiuti nello spazio urbano - Italian session
    Coordinato da: Studio Arcoplan, Padova (IT)
    Lo Studio Arcoplan coordinerà una sessione dedicata agli aspetti architettonici e progettuali dei nuovi modelli di gestione rifiuti nello spazio urbano concepiti nell’ottica di superare definitivamente la criticità del sistema e trasformarlo in una reale opportunità per il territorio, sia sotto il profilo della riduzione delle tariffe (applicate dai gestori degli impianti e dei servizi) sia sotto l’aspetto della creazione di valore (sociale e ambientale) ed indotto.
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