Poster discussion II

SESSION F7 / 20 November 2020 / 14:45 - 16:00

Poster discussion II

Chair / Presidente: TBA

Two poster discussion hubs will be held during the symposium, where poster presenters and other delegates can meet, network and discuss the poster topics and findings. Poster discussions will be highly interactive sessions: authors will have the chance to present their poster, providing additional information, highlighting key points and answering questions in a live Q&A discussion.

  • M. Ju, J. Jo (KR)

    COVID-19, dietary patterns and waste generation

  • L. Marchiori, A. Albuquerque (PT)

    Critical review of industrial solid wastes as barrier material for impermeabilization of storage waste facilities

  • N.D. Phonchi-Tshekiso, N.M. Mazrui, G.E.J. Mogomotsi, P.K. Mogomotsi (BW)

    In the valley, under the shadow of darkness: the disposal practices of hazardous waste by informal sector garages in Maun, Botswana

  • G. Fenocchio, R. Cavallo, E. Rosio, L. Bosio, J. Fresta (IT)

    Sperimentazioni per il riuso, un caso studio tra Italia e Francia: il progetto In.Te.Se

  • W. Schubert, O. DeBenedictis, A. Diab, Z. Hafeez, K. Lipps (US)

    Design of Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility for Nuqui, Colombia

  • M. Calero, A. Pérez, Á. Gálvez-Pérez, M.Á. Martín-Lara, G. Blázquez (ES)

    Experimental investigation on the air gasification of olive cake at low-medium temperatures

  • M. Calero, M.Á. Martín-Lara, A. Pérez, G. Blázquez, M. . Muñoz, S. Arjandas, E. Lozano (ES)

    Plastic mix recycling from municipal solid waste: characterization of raw material