Strategies and decision models in Circular Economy

SESSION D4 / 19 November 2020 / 13:15 - 14:30

Strategies and decision models in Circular Economy

Chair / Presidente: TBA

  • L. Ciacci, I. Vassura, F. Passarini (IT)

    Potentials for GHG emissions reduction in the circular economy: the anthropogenic copper cycle

  • J.E. Rutkowski (GB)

    Inclusive packaging recycling systems: improving sustainable waste management for a circular economy

  • C. Cord'Homme (FR)

    Circular economy and resource management: Energy-from-Waste is a sustainable pillar

  • P. Guarnieri, A. Bianchini, J. Rossi (IT)

    The institutionalization of the transition towards a circular economy: a comparison between Italy and Brazil

  • E. Tam (CA)

    Describing circular economy using corporate sustainability reporting

  • A. Campitelli, J. Kannengießer, L. Schebek (DE)

    Assessment of waste management systems, worldwide: a systematic literature research