NeWS: Importance of education in Circular Economy

SESSION D3 / 19 November 2020 / 11:45 - 13:00

NeWS: Importance of education in Circular Economy

Chair / Presidente: Ian D. Williams (GB)

This session will be run by the IWWG Task Group on Education in Waste Management. There is an emerging and growing societal desire to manage our resources better and to protect the environment, locally as well as globally. Resource management is a multi-disciplinary subject, incorporating: civil, electrical and mechanical engineering; physical, chemical, biological and materials sciences; environmental science and engineering; politics; economics; urban and rural planning; law; industrial ecology; social sciences; media and communications; information technology; advertising; marketing; design; technology; transportation; logistics and operational management; business studies; management; and even the creative arts. Resource management has never had a higher public profile, but its complexity and multi-disciplinary nature means that it is still not properly recognized by a society that continues to under-value its importance to its quality of life. There has never been a more important time to consider the importance of education to resource management. This interactive session will consider methods of addressing this challenge by discussing methods of using education to develop engagement with and raise aware of resource management with: school-age children; University students and the higher education community; local authorities and the general public.

  • G. De Feo (IT)

    Little life guards: the Greenopli project

  • R. Dunk (GB)

    Educational interventions to improve municipal waste diversion rates

  • I. Williams (GB)

    Greening academia

  • A.I. Kurbatova, M.D. Kharlamova, M.E. Kupriyanova, A.V. Lukanin, P. Kozhevnikova (RU)

    Training highly-qualified personnel in the field of waste management: problems, experience and implementation prospects in Russia

  • S. Gross (IT)

    Towards the master of science in Sustainable Science and Technology for Circular Economy at the University of Padova, Italy