Management of plastic solid waste

SESSION C5 / 19 November 2020 / 14:45 - 16:00

Management of plastic solid waste

Chair / Presidente: Susan Thorneloe (US)

  • N. Butler (US)

    The transition from a linear to circular economy that incorporates life-cycle environmental tradeoffs from end of life technologies

  • M. Calero, M.Á. Martín-Lara, A. Pérez, G. Blázquez, M. Muñoz, S. Arjandas, E. Lozano (ES)

    Plastic mix recycling from municipal solid waste: characterization of raw material

  • G. Bonifazi, R. Gasbarrone, S. Serranti (IT)

    Detecting contaminants in post-consumer plastic packaging waste by a Near InfraRed HyperSpectral Imaging-based cascade detection approach

  • L. Rigamonti, L. Biganzoli, C. Tua, M. Grosso (IT)

    Life Cycle Assessment evaluation of the reuse of some types of packaging

  • I.D. Williams (GB)

    Child’s play: the horror of toy waste in the UK