Accounting of C&D generation

SESSION C1 / 18 November 2020 / 14:45 - 16:00

Accounting of C&D generation

Chair / Presidente: Lisbeth Ottosen (DK)

  • R. Bellopede, L. Zichella, P. Marini (IT)

    Waste from extractive and construction sector: regulatory framework according to end-of-waste criteria

  • L. M. Ottosen, L. Bjerregard Jensen, T.F. Astrup, T.C. McAloone, M. Ryberg, C. Thuesen, S. Lütken, S. Christiansen, A. J. Damø, M. Oddgaard (DK)

    Stage of implementation of circular economy in the Danish building and construction sector

  • A. Mollaei, N. Ibrahim, K. Habib (CA)

    The weight of cities: a case study of the region of Waterloo

  • F. Carollo, L. Rigamonti (IT)

    Life Cycle Costing approach for construction and demolition waste management chain: methodology of data collection and organization

  • F. D’Addato, A. Degli Esposti, A. Bonoli (IT)

    A full-cost accounting model for construction and demolition waste management in China and Europe

  • M. Gutiérrez, R. Kahhat (PE)

    Geospatial characterization of urban stock in the residential sector of a high-income district in Peru. A case study of San Isidro, Lima

  • N.H. Hoang, T. Ishigaki, R. Kubota, T.K. Tong, T.T. Nguyen, H.G. Nguyen, M. Yamada, K. Kawamoto (JP)

    Financial viability of concrete waste recycling in Vietnam