NeWS: E-waste management behaviours

SESSION B7 / 20 November 2020 / 14:45 - 16:00

NeWS: E-waste management behaviours

Chair / Presidente: Ian D. Williams (GB)

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE or e-waste) comprises a globally important waste stream due to the scarcity and value of the materials that e-waste contains; annual generation is increasing by 3-5% per annum. The effective management of e-waste will contribute significantly to progress towards circular economy ambitions and resource efficiency, including reducing carbon emissions. All sectors of society have roles in enabling this transition but it cannot occur without active public participation. However, because so many factors influence waste generation, finding mechanisms to engage and motivate the public towards effective e-waste management behaviours is hugely challenging. This interactive session will consider methods of addressing this challenge by discussing methods of: developing engagement with the public (including school-age children), local authorities, retailers, manufacturers, industry, government and journalists; raising awareness of the social/ environmental impacts of e-waste to stimulate behaviour change, working with young adults to encourage reuse of used, unwanted electrical and electronic equipment.

  • I. Williams, A. Brock, R. Browning, A. Campanie, S. Pal (GB)

    The TRACE project

  • L. Shittu, P. Shaw, I. Williams, N. Montiero, R. Creffield (GB)

    WEEE donate: charity begins at halls

  • F. Duarte Castro, B. Gomes Xavier, B.M. Penha Perpétuo, J.A. do Carmo Cardeal, L. Gomes Lopes, R. França Furtado, M. Vaccari, L. Cutaia (IT)

    Consumer behaviour and awareness: a case study on reverse logistics of batteries in Vale Do Aço, Brazil