NeWS: Participation and sustainability in circular economy

SESSION B6 / 20 November 2020 / 13:15 - 14:30

NeWS: Participation and sustainability in circular economy

Chair / Presidente: Marc Kalina (ZA)

The phenomena of socio-environmental disputes related to the design and construction of waste treatment plants, very often simplified as NIMBY syndrome (“Not In My Back Yard”), are still numerous. The forms of participation in such cases raise important questions: how do we define involved communities? How to manage participatory inclusive processes? How to define and measure the representativeness of a committee or a protest movement, claiming the right to dispute decisions of collective importance? At what point in the decision-making process is it necessary to involve citizens and how? What instruments already in the legislation need to be stressed or corrected for the optimal implementation of the circular economy? The session is a call to collect experiences at international level and to amplify the debate on a subject that continues to be controversial and challenging.

  • M. Kalina, E. Tilley, C. Trois (ZA)

    Saving, ignoring, 'trashing': reflections on 'seeing waste scenarios' from Blantyre, Malawi

  • N. Mahdjoub, E. Tilley, M. Kalina, A. Augustine, C. Trois (ZA)

    'Mining' the village: building with waste glass in Chembe, Malawi

  • L. Kujanpää, H. Pihkola (FI)

    A participatory approach for addressing challenges in waste collection