Community based solutions for urban mining and circular economy

SESSION B4 / 19 November 2020 / 13:15 - 14:30

Community based solutions for urban mining and circular economy

Chair / Presidente: Maria Cristina Lavagnolo, Cecilia Bruni (IT)

The collaboration between public and private sectors, including companies producing goods and services, is essential for urban mining in view of an effective circular economy. However, the role of the citizens is even more important, at several steps of the life cycle of goods (production, use/reuse and final return to the environment). Although the action of the citizens may be reflected at different scale, it can be particularly effective at small scale, when citizens have a feeling of doing something concrete for their own community. On the contrary, many people feel that their contribution is marginal when considering the waste problem at large scale. The session aims at identifying the actions taken at small scale (residential, city district, etc.) that demonstrate how the will to change one’s own surrounding space may serve as driver for a deeper change in society.

  • M.C. Lavagnolo (IT)

    Community based solution for urban mining and circular economy - An overview

  • C. Bruni, C. Akyol, G. Cipolletta, A.L. Eusebi, F. Fatone (IT)

    Current status of decentralised composting in Italy

  • M. Kalina, M. Ngcoya, B. Nkhoma, E. Tilley (ZA)

    Conceptualising reuse in African households: perspectives from Chembe, Malawi

  • R. Malesani, A. Pivato, S. Bocchi, M.C. Lavagnolo, S. Muraro, A. Schievano (IT)

    Compost heat recovery system: a reliable solution for providing thermal energy in rural areas

  • A. Aicher, M. Boermel, J. Londong (DE)

    Development of a living wall system for greywater treatment