Recovery of resources from domestic sewage management

SESSION B3 / 19 November 2020 / 11:45 - 13:00

Recovery of resources from domestic sewage management

Chair / Presidente: Francesco Fatone (IT)

Water is one of the key resources for the full implementation of the circular economy and the circular management of urban water is of particular importance. In this sense, waste water is the category of waste currently least exploited by the circular economy due to legislative, social barriers, economies of scale, standardisation and quality/competitiveness of recoverable resources; and also, maturity, reliability and technological diffusion. The session is an opportunity to present new experiences and to discuss different points of view with the aim to promote a wise water cycle.

  • F. Fatone, N. Frison, V. Conca, C. Da Ros (IT)

    SMART-Plant: validated innovative technologies to recover and valorize materials and energy in existing WWTPS

  • B.S. Moraes, M.D. Berni, R.A. Lamparelli, P.C. Manduca (BR)

    Sewage management into the biorefinery concept: technical potential for bioprodutcs recovery

  • C. Pastore (IT)

    Urban sewage sludge as a source for biofuels and biolubrificants

  • M. Ferrante, P. Zuccarello, A. Cristaldi, G. Oliveri Conti (IT)

    Sewage sludges microplastics content and its contribute on pollution in treated agricultural soils

  • L. Ekman Burgman (SE)

    Making sewage sludge different – The waste-to-resource conundrum in Swedish sewage sludge policy making