Landfill mining

SESSION A7 / 20 November 2020 / 14:45 - 16:00

Landfill mining

Chair / Presidente: Roberto Raga (IT)

Landfill Mining has gained increasing attention in recent years, due to its potential in circular economy strategies. Several different approaches and different technologies for processing excavated waste are available. However, the economic feasibility of full scale applications is still the bottleneck for the valorization of landfilled waste as materials and/or energy and most reported case studies refer to the simple excavation and further deposit in new landfill sectors. Research projects are being carried out with the aim of developing cost effective technologies for the application of LFM for resource recovery. Goal of this session is to present the state of the art in Landfill Mining research.

  • P. Rabelo Monich, D. Desideri, R. Murillo Alarcón, G. Sauve, H. Lucas, B. Friedrich, K. Van Acker, Y. Pontikes, D. Vollprecht, E. Bernardo (IT)

    Key lessons for valorization of inorganic residues in enhanced landfill mining

  • A. Ghosh, S.A. Kartha (IN)

    Assessment of feasibility and viability of landfill mining of open dumpsite in India

  • M. Somani, M. Datta, G. V. Ramana, T. R. Sreekrishnan (IN)

    Geoenvironmental evaluation of landfill mining at open dumps in India

  • M. Kriipsalu, K. Orupõld, J. Burlakovs, T. Tamm, K-M. Pehme (EE)

    Dynamics of groundwater quality during full scale landfill mining

  • G.M. Cappucci, R. Avolio, C. Carfagna, M. Cocca, G. Gentile, S. Scarpellini, F. Spina, G. Tealdo, M.E. Errico, A.M. Ferrari (IT)

    Mechanical and environmental suitability of secondary plastic from landfill mining