Anaerobic digestion

SESSION A2 / 18 November 2020 / 16:15 - 17:30

Anaerobic digestion

Chair / Presidente: Christopher Eden (GB)

  • C. Eden, R. Eden, M. Moulden (GB)

    Removing ammonia to optimise anaerobic digestion

  • C. Eden, R. Eden (GB)

    Closing the circle: the anaerobic digestion of palm oil mill effluent

  • C.B. Arenas, J. González, M. Chiappero, S. Fiore, X. Gómez, E.J. Martínez (ES)

    Treatment of vinasse and lees by advanced oxidation processes coupled with anaerobic digestion

  • A. Gallipoli, A. Gianico, S. Crognale, S. Rossetti, M. Masi, V. Piemonte, P. Pagliaccia, C.M. Braguglia (IT)

    3-Routes Platform for recovery of high value products, energy and bio-fertilizer from urban biowaste: the REVENUE project