Dinner and stage show

H. 20:30 / TTB space - Monastero del Carmine via Colleoni 21, Città Alta, Bergamo (IT).

On Tuesday evening May 22nd, to celebrate the closure of the conference all delegates are invited to a special evening at Monastero del Carmine.
An unbalanced Arlecchino, looking for his uncertain and confused origins, will act as leading character within the different “rooms” of the Monastero del Carmine where invisible musicians and monk jokers, noble dancers on stilts and popular clowns, Indian dancers and bailaoras flamencas give life and energy, voices and sounds, sometimes ironic and at other irreverent to the interior spaces of the Monastero. At the end of his journey an inaugural toast as a prelude to the dinner with a surprise ending, inside the old refectory of the Monastero.

The cost of the dinner is included in the registration fee for Symposium participants. Tickets for non-delegates should be purchased from the Secretariat. For further information please contact the Organising Secrtariat at info@urbanmining.it.

The show will be performed by Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo. For more info please visit www.teatrotascabile.org.

Sponsored by: Montello Spa