China meets Italy

Thanks to the collaboration with the Tsinghua University in Beijing, which from this year has been added as one of the main promoters of the Conference, a meeting Italy meets China has been organised during the works of the symposium to examine the needs of and opportunities afforded by the Chinese market in the field of urban requalification and sustainable waste management, thus facilitating the access of Italian companies onto the Asian market. 

The collaboration with Tsinghua University will subsequently peak in 2019 with the organisation in May of the first SUM EAST Conference in Suzhou, China.

Monday 21st May, h. 11:20-13:00

D. Yue, M.C. Lavagnolo (CN)
Application of Circular Economy in Italy and China
L. Zhang, D. Yue, W. Zhang, H. Bai, Y. Ji (CN)
Life cycle assessment of water recycling based on alternative leachate treatment systems
D. Yue (CN)
Technical and economical comparison between two landfill gas power generators
P. Jiang (CN)
How European companies enter China with cases
X. Fan (CN)
Landfill rehabilitation
H. Bai (CN)
Recovery of recyclable materials from leachate
L. Dong (CN)
Cooperation on industrial promotion in China
J. Zhang (CN)
Eco treatment and energy utilization of Municipal Solid Waste: practice and exploration of non-incineration treatment technology