Call for Networking Sessions

In addition to the traditional oral sessions, this year SUM will once again afford the opportunity to organize NetWorking Sessions (NeWs) to promote networking and open discussion of new ideas and perspectives on a specific topic, policy, research or innovation between conference delegates.

These sessions will be the perfect occasion to set up international collaborations for a specific project and identify suitable funding options, connect with potential partners for future cooperations, draft a scientific review or new research manuscript.

For a list of proposals that have been accepted to date please visit

Those wishing to organize or suggest a networking session on a particular topic or research project, are kindly required to send their proposal to the Organizing Secretariat ( Proposals should be prepared using the template available and include the following details:

  • Organiser/s (name, surname, affiliation, email address)
  • Title
  • Short Description / Scope of the session
  • List of speakers available to deliver short introductory presentations (all speakers must be regularly registered as conference participants either for the day of the session or the whole conference)
  • Maximum number of participants allowed (if any)
  • Equipment needed (if any)

Proposers may express a preference with regard to the date of scheduling of the session.

All proposals related to the Symposium themes will be evaluated. In particular, submissions focusing on urban mining in developing countries, recovery of abandoned urban areas, technical regulation on end of waste, sewage sludge are invited.