The Symposium will take place in Bergamo on the premises of the former Monastery of Saint Augustine in the upper city, the historic medieval centre of the town.
The monastery is built around two sixteenth-century cloisters: the walls surrounding the portico of the small cloister bear traces of frescoes dating back to the fourteenth century. Restored in the twentieth century, it currently hosts exhibitions and cultural events and houses the School of Educational Sciences of the University of Bergamo.

How to reach the Symposium venue (Piazzale Sant’Agostino 2, Bergamo) from the lower city:

  • By foot - follow one of the many ‘scorlazzini’ (historic steps) itineraries from the lower part of town to the upper city. The recommended itinerary to reach the Symposium venue in the shortest time runs from viale Vittorio Emanuele II (next to funicular entrance) to via Sant’Alessandro / Porta San Giacomo (10 minutes uphill), followed by a 5-minute downhill walk along viale delle Mura
  • By bus - line 1 of the urban transport system, running from the railway station all the way to the upper town, stopping right in front of the Symposium venue
  • By funicular, followed by a five-minute downhill walk; a three-minute cable car ride links the upper city to the lower city centre and offers stunning paranoramic views of Bergamo and its surrounding areas. Costs and timetables available on the ATB Services website
  • By car - please note that access to many areas of the upper city is limited to authorized vehicles only. For a map of the closest parking spaces available please visit the ATB website